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Money and Education

We choose to imagine public education of our children as a pure science that is actually populated by those people who are above the humdrum worries of life and live only for the happiness of filling young minds with truth. But like anything else, schools do well or poorly largely coupled with money. Now one of the many justifications for government funding of schools is that you take out of a given educational process any graft or influence peddling by private interests. In principle if corporate interests or perhaps wealthy individuals can influence the schools because of wealth, they could also dictate the curriculum and of course the “slant” the training sessions might take and consequently place a spin located on the truth due to the reason that the schools become according to the funding source.

So, again in theory, our schools should be above funding issues because tax dollars should pay for everything so no one political or cultural influence can set the agenda of what is said to become taught in class. All that concept only stands up in theory, needless to say. If you really spend any time in association with pubic or private schools, you know that cash and education are intimately intermingled and now there is plenty of influence happening on a regular basis.

At the public level, sports is probably one of the big issues that drives public education, particularly for the secondary school level. In big cities, the university sport teams are usually feeder schools to high schools who may have a significant financial affinity for recruiting one of the best highschool players. So money flows from professional sports to the colleges and even to high schools to influence schools to pour a great deal of time or capital into their sports programs. The extreme rivalry and fascination with secondary school sports in your town reflects that emphasis.

So is the issue with loving sports? Nothing except that frequently large high schools will divert huge percentages of the budgets towards the sports program which serves a much lower students of the school and any money are withdrawn from academic and arts programs which suffer as a result. Even though a hundred boys might benefit from a well run football program, thousands of students suffer with smaller classes, inferior classroom equipment and underpaid teachers due to the reason that the sports teams accuire all a response and the money.

Along at the private level, money buys influence more blatantly. While your tuition as well as fees do agree to pay the basic bills of a given school, private schools are entrepreneurial and bold so now the more wealthy parents and oldsters who is going to create a nice income straight into the school naturally find their way into the school board to make decisions about curriculum as well as having the direction the college will take as a possible educational institution in the future.

Which means that well meaning parents who will be not wealthy typically are not able to help the school stay focused onto their primary calling which is to achieve the highest level of education onto the student body. The case will also be aggravated at likewise public and private school level when corporate interests participate and you see corporate sponsorships of college programs leading to subtle advertising occurring throughout the campus. It sends messages towards the students which the school can and most definitely has been bought and those corporate interests could have an influence over curriculum as well.

As parents, it’s your job to monitor the degree that basically funding changes the quality of education of a school. With the public school level, it’s possible to voice your concern from school board meetings or in conjuction with other public venues. However the ultimate proactive approach to getting an education for your own personal child that clearly isn’t tainted by financial influence is to let the public school setting and look for a non-public school having not end up on those temptations yet. In case you fund this type school, get entangled heavily and do as much as you can via fundraising to attempt to minimize the influence of rich individuals and corporations the school that’s there to serve your child can do so with no burden of influence beginning with the ones that agree to pay the bills.


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